A Sharper Edge Farms

Quality Myotonic Goats  and LaManchas  

Sales Policy



Bucklings under 6 months of age $225.00 and up
Doelings under 6 months of age $325.00 and up



Bucks over 6 months of age to 1 year $275.00 and up
Doelings over 6 months of age to 1 year $375.00 and up


All other animals will be priced according to age, health, pedigree, and overall value. This includes goats, horses, poultry, rabbits, hogs, pet pigs and et cetera.

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NONREFUNDABLE. Animals must be picked up within 30 days of weaning for young animals and within 30 days of paying a deposit on an older animal. Board will be charged at $2.00 per day after 30 days.


Payment Terms:

We require a 100.00 dollar deposit to reserve a kid for you. Once that money is received, the kid of your choosing will be marked "on hold".  Once payment is received in full, the goat will be marked "sold". If you are picking your goat up in person and making the final payment, we will only accept cash, no personal checks. Personal checks must be received no less than 12 days before pickup.


At 3 months of age, arrangements must be made to pick up your kid. If no arrangements have been made by 3 1/2 months of age, we will begin to charge $2.00 per day board until pickup. If no arrangements have been made by 4 months of age, we will retract the sale of the goat and you forfeit any monies paid. We retain the right to retract the sale of any animal if there are reservations regarding the safety and well-being of the animal.


Purchase Price Includes:

Vaccination for C, D & T at 4 weeks and booster at 8 weeks.

Deworming and hoof trimming according to needs.

Myotonic Goat Registry Registration Certificate and Transfer Memo will be given to the new buyer. The buyer will be responsible for transferring the registration into their name. Occasionally, a goat will not yet be registered. If the buyer chooses to register the goat, they MUST place A Sharper Edge  at the beginning of name choice.

Documentation including health records, birth weights, current weights and photos will be provided along with registration certificate/application.


Any health tests and/or health certificate can be done by our veterinarian at the buyer's expense.


We ask that you use a crate large enough for the size goat being transported. Large solid sided dog crates work well for 2-3 kids. Open wire crates will only be permitted if inside of a vehicle. We will not allow a goat to be transported in the back of a pickup UNLESS the crate is secured and sheltered from wind and the weather properly.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale or allow transportation of our goats with those that we feel are not responsible for the safety of our animals.