A Sharper Edge Farms

Quality Myotonic Goats  and LaManchas  

Goat Milk Soap

I make each batch of soap from scratch here on our farm. I employ the cold process method to make our soap to retain as much glycerine as possible. Each batch has to "cure" for anywhere from four to six weeks. Soaps average 4.5 ounces unless otherwise marked.  

Current inventory as of 2/21/2018


Black Linen and Amber 16 bars

Barber Shoppe 7 bars

Mint Chocolate 12 bars

Dreamsicle 20 bars

Honeysuckle 17 bars

Margarita Lime 9 bars

Lotion and Sugar Scrubs

8 ounce Milk and Honey Lotion jars are $8.00. 4 ounce jars are $4.00.

8 ounce Sugar Scrubs are $12.95. 4 ounce jars are $7.95.

Both Available as unscented.

Scents are as follows:                                                                                                                                                                

Fresh Picked Raspberry

White Truffle Raspberry

Honey Almond


Stawberries & Champagne

Love Spell

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Rice Flower and Shea

Night Blooming Jasmine

Tranquil Sleep


Baby Powder

Cucumber Melon

Margarita Lime

Apple Cinnamon

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Cotton Candy

Banana Coconut

Sweet Orange

Ginger Orange

Chocolate Drizzle

Mint Chocolate

Vanilla Bean Noel

Fifty Shades

Barber Shoppe

Three Wise Men

Sugar and Spice

Peppermint Crème

Reindeer Poo


How To Order

Message me at the contact link at the top of this page, email asefarms@yahoo.com or contact me on facebook. Provide a paypal email for an invoice or if sending a personal check, send to PO Box 111, Zuni, VA 23898. Please allow up to ten days for personal checks to clear. I am also giving an Ebay store a chance if you prefer to order there.

For special orders, allow 4-7 weeks for soap.

Discounts will be given to those who order a loaf (16 bars) of the same soap.